Dionne Preaster

Southern Colonies
You Don't Work, You Don't Eat.  

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland are the absolute best places to live! Down in the southern colonies agriculture is perfect, having the North Atlantic Ocean right beside them makes the soil rich and very useful.  Cash Crops from the south are rice, indigo, sugar, tobacco.


Move here for great weather! Being the warmest out of the English Colonies, you will have an easy time farming all year around. Plus, having cheap land down here will help you live right for as long as you want to stay. Long warm summer make it easier to plant cash crops and short winters make it easy to survive!


The minerals in tidewaters make the soil rich and fertile, and rivers located there was an excellent source of transportation. Plus, Living on the country side where no tidewaters are? Fine.! You can hunt in the thick forests located where you are.

Being about to have access to fertile soil everyday you'll be able to have cash crops growing in your backyard and making money

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