Black point: Pyotr Tchaikovsky´s memorial bench

Blue point: Läänemaa museum (former Town Hall)

Green point: Episcopal castle (1200-1500), museum and cathedral

Red point: Estonian Railway Museum

Purple point: Museum of communications

Pyotr Tchaikovsky´s memorial bench

The world-famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky stayed in Haapsalu in 1867. The bench was erected in Chocolate Promenade for his memory. Here Maestro loved admire swans and sunrise.

Läänemaa museum (former Town Hall)

The museum was established in 1929 in the former Town Hall building.

Episcopal castle, museum and cathedral

Haapsalu Episcopal Castle is a medieval castle. This is a remarkable monument, which is in ruins. On the August full moon nights  a woman's shape, which has become known as the White lady, appears at the Haapsalu Cathedral´s southern window.

Estonian Railway Museum

Estonian Railway Museum is located in a beautiful historic Haapsalu railway station. Haapsalu railway station was established in 1906. There is 200 meters long covered platform.

Museum of communications

There is intresting and thorough exposition about the history of Estonian communication.

Some important facts

  • Size: 10.6 km²
  • Population: 11 296 (1.01.2011)
  • Location: West Estonia, Läänemaa, next to the sea

An historical event that changed the city

One historical event that changed the city was the construction of the railway. The Keila-Haapsalu railway line was constructed between 1903 and 1905 to serve the resort town of Haapsalu - a favourite among the Russian aristocracy. After the construction of the railway the city started to expand. Lot of new buildings were built connected to recreation.

There is a beautiful railway station in Haapsalu. Erected to the designs of architect Karl Werheim, the grand historicist-style station building not only had an area for passengers but also a summer cafe and an imperial pavilion. The unusually long covered platform makes the station complex unique.

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