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Vol 1, Issue 9

This Week...

We're following the D Schedule (4-5-3-1-2)

Monday 2/23: Department Meeting

All Week: STAR Testing

Friday 2/27: 8th Graders to JCHS for "Lies About High School"

What Are you Reading?

As I told you, one of my goals for 2015 is to expand my professional reading library! I'm taking a different route with my book this month.  I was able to attend the Principally Speaking Network meeting on Thursday, 2/19.  The speaker was Ron Clark.  You may remember Clark from his hit TNT made for TV movie "The Ron Clark Story."  Little known fact: Matthew Perry (a.k.a. Chandler Bing from Friends) earned is one and ONLY Golden Globe nomination playing Clark.  Anyways, he's an incredibly inspiring teacher, and I was able to get his book "The End of Molasses Classes."  I'm excited to begin reading it.  I will do a review in my next newsletter!  What are you reading?  Let me know!  I would love to have you write a review!

Differentiation 101

Read this Excellent Article from EdWeek about the Basics of Differentiation.  Sometimes, it's just a matter of definition.


Check out this short interview between the creator of Khan Academy and growth mindset guru, Carol Dweck.  

Collaboration Day!

On Friday, 2/13/15, we participated in our 3rd 1/2 day collaboration session for the year.  What an excellent day!  We started the day with a whole group session visiting growth mindset through different perspectives.  We used the six thinking hats strategy to look at differentiation from all angles.  We then were able to meet in our departments and continue collaboration and planning from earlier 1/2 day sessions in January.  Many departments were able to plan for differentiated lessons and units.  

Instructional Spotlight:
Ms. Garner

Ms. Garner is in her 9th year here at Liberty Middle School.  She 7th grade life science, Survey of Life Sciences, is the 7th grade level chair, head coach of the dance team, and serves on many instructional and curriculum committees.   She garners (see what I did there?) students' respect by being tough, but fair.  She expects only the highest quality of work from her students, and will not take anything less.  She also effectively uses STAR data to plan and implement lessons in her science classes.  Ms. Garner has set a goal to incorporate data into her lesson planning this year, and has done a wonderful job doing so.  If you are interested on how you can use STAR data in a science or SS classroom, connect with Ms. Garner!

Last Week(s) at LMS...

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