Jim Carrey

Thomas Shirey

born:January 17 1962 and he hasn't died yet

Five Unique Facts

1.Jim Carrey has been on the big screen for 30 years

2.he started as a stand up comedian when he was a teenager

3.Jim Carrey was raised as a roman catholic

4.He was forced to quit school at 15 to get a job to support his family

5.Jim Carrey was married twice

Important family members

1.one of the most important family members in Jim carreys life is his only daughter jane

2.his father was important to because he helped him get to his shows

3.his brothers and sisters were important to because they helped the family and supported them

4.his wife was important to him because she is the mom of his daughter

5.He was also helped a lot by the rest of the wifes that he was once married to

significant events/accomplishments

1.he won two Nobel awards for his acting

2.he won a golden globe award in 1999 and 2000

3.he won 6 kid choice awards

4.he first started acting when he moved to los angeles in 1979

5.he got his first million dollars from the movie the mask

why is he important?

1.he is one of the most famous actors

2.some of the movies he is in made the most money and are the most famous

3.he won many awards in his lifetime

4. he made many people laugh and was a really good comedian

5.he went from a really poor family to a very famous and wealthy person

words of advice from Jim Carrey

1."laughter is the best medicine"(17)

2."acting is a motivation for life"(22)

3."if you want to be a comedian be very critical and read many comics"(35)

What I learned

I learned that being a comedian is a good thing because your funny and you brighten up peoples day i also l;earned that Jim carrey has had a very good life and that he is a really good actor.


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