Group 6- Sample A

Mikayla and Kurtis

The site:

The site where we got our sample, was relatively flat, but there were small hills nearby. There were small trees and shrubs around the site and the grass was not very healthy, because it was only growing in small clumps. We believe our site used to be in a wooded area; there were small tree stumps all around the ground. Our site was close to was close to Wolf Run Lake, roughly around 50 yards.

Analyzing Our Soil Test

-Our pH in water level is at a 5.4, which means it is an acidic soil. The range for plant growth is 5.5 to 7, so our's is too low for it to be in the range.

- The Phosphorous in the soil was at 3lbs/a and was rated as very low.

-The Potassium is at 105 lbs/a and is rated as low.

-The Magnesium in the soil was 557 lbs/a and was rated as high.

-The Calcium at our site A was 1728 lbs/a and is considered medium.

Our organic matter was low, with only 1.8%.

The liming suggestions calls for 1010 lbs/a of Effective Neutralizing Material (ENM).