Cut it down by the roots!

The sword of the Shabdkosh flag represent the swords that we will use to take down the tree also known as the Jiva government.

The red represents the blood of the “Holy” Soul Keeper.

The black square represents how we are separated from everything else that has to do with the Jiva government.

Niyati, Leader of Shabdkosh

Niyati grew up in a family that served and worshiped the Soul Keeper. Her father was a Keeper in training and her mother was a servant of the Soul Keeper. They’ve always dreamed of her becoming like them. When Niyati met a man in town she fell in love with him, only to find out that he was the Soul Keepers most loyal servant. She found out everything that Jiva actually was. She was devastated and to express her hatred towards Jiva, she started Shabdkosh. Shabdkosh started growing secretly slowly at first, but then started growing in size. She got captured and was taken to be “taught to obey” the laws of Jiva. They tortured her to tell them what the followers were saying about Jiva to other people. Niyati met the Soul Keeper who threatened her life if I did not tell him that I loved him. When they left the room, Niyati escaped with the only tool she had; her knowledge. Niyati’s knowledge and intelligence has been the key to Shabdkosh. She has led the faithful group of followers to become wise and to use common sense. It is the only thing that is keeping Shabdkosh alive and functioning. For I will use my power to overtake the Soul Keeper and reveal what they really are. This is the only power they cannot take away from the followers no matter what, but the Soul Keepers’ power, and someone can take it away without trying, if they have the knowledge. Niyati is now living two different lives. She is the leader of a rebellion group one day and and a baker the next day. She is still trying to destroy the Soul Keeper and make things right.

Constitution of shabdkosh


Article I:

The name of this organization will be Shabdkosh.

Article II

Jivas purpose is to provide peace and protection over the Soul Keeper, not the people. They have them working in unity to maintain their reputation of Jiva being “one soul”. Jiva is not one soul, but more one hypocrisy of a nation.

Article III

The Soul Keeper ultimately decides whether someone of a foreign land gets to be accepted as a citizen of Jiva. They must bring him a gift and honor him in order to gain his trust into Jiva. What they do not know is if the gift is useless or cheap, he will not accept them into Jiva. The citizens of Jiva must fight against the enemy, but what is the enemy exactly? What are we fighting? The real battle is the battle against ourselves, to see how long we can survive in a world like Jiva.

Article IV

The Soul Keeper says he will supervise us. He will be watching our every move. We will not have privacy any longer. He will be able to do whatever he wants with Jiva and he will call it being a “leader”. He will protect us from the impure? The only thing that is impure is Jiva itself. When his Keeps in training are ready for the test, he will command them to do impossible things, he will tell them to form a mountain out of a grain of sand. He will make sure that no one takes his place. They think that he will one day die and one day turn old, but what they don’t know is that he will never grow old, he will never die as long as he is leader of Jiva.

Article V

Jiva will not provide us with bountiful amounts of supplies, they will let us starve and rot until all the food is gone. Jiva will always be scarce of supplies. We must obey or else we will get punished for it. Shabdkosh will provide for its followers and protect them as their own. The followers in return must do everything they can to bring Jiva down.

Article VI

Shabdkosh will send out spies to infiltrate the representatives of Jiva. The followers of Shabdkosh must know the risks when it comes to these missions. Followers must never betray Shabdkosh and never give up any information that was entrusted with them no matter the consequences. In joining the Shabdkosh, followers vow to never give up fighting Jiva and do whatever it takes to take it down. The followers of Shabdkosh will put in every effort to expose Jiva and help the brain-washed citizens. Shabdkosh will not be responsible for any followers that go rogue and act under orders of Shabdkosh. The followers of Shabdkosh will have their identities obscured from Jva citizens and other followers to prevent over exposure and as precautions. The identity of Niyati shall be held at most importance for if the identity of Shabdkosh’s leader will be in great danger. Shabdkosh must be hidden and must be kept a secret that all followers are willing to die for. The new recruits must prove they are willing to go to the extremes to truly help take down Jiva. Not all recruits will be used or sent out on missions. Anything overheard about Shabdkosh, Niyati, and/or anything regarding a rebellion shall be reported to senior recruits.

Article VII:

Shabdkosh will have its own education that will be kept away from the vision of Jiva. The education that any follow will receive is the actual horrors that is kept away from the public. Followers will learn what the Holy Soul Keeper actually does to people who must be “taught” the ways of Jiva. They will learn the real history of Jiva and the rest of the world. They will be learning the reality of the horrible country we live in.

Article VIII:

The flag for Shabdkosh has the red and black colors and a pair of swords. The color red means the blood we will shed for the fight for our true freedom. The black square represents that Shabdkosh is separated from Jiva’s government and that we act under the cover of darkness. The pair of swords represent the weapon we use to strike down on Jiva’s government and to cut down Jiva’s infernal tree.

Article IX:

Niyati will be our leader for she is the founder of Shabdkosh. Niyati was the one who had enough of Jiva’s horrible ways and decided to bring people out of the dark and make moves to take down Jiva. Niyati will be the one to lead us towards a better future and give us our rightful freedom we deserve.





Keeper of Nothing






Ministry of “Love’’:

Niyati was caught for betraying the country of Jiva and the Jiva government.

They took Niyati to be “taught the ways of the keeper”. The teachers are seven foot tall, and it looked like their weight could have crushed you in a matter of seconds. They sit you down and pin you down and put videos of the Soul Keeper telling you to obey him, and threatening your life if you do not obey him. He makes you take daily tests. If you do not get every single question right on the test, they restrain you by putting you on a chair and tying you up so that you cannot move. Before you sit in the chair they make you take off all your clothes. Once seated in the chair, they pour buckets of ice cold water on you, one after the other. Once someone is close to getting hypothermia, they turn on the video again, make you take the test again, and if one fails the cycle repeats. Once that is no use, the Keeper himself comes in to “talk” to whoever is in the room. He comes off as charming at first, but then slaps you with what he really is. He points out all your flaws and draws you through his eyes. He then burns the picture and then burns you and marks you with the letters HSK (Holy Soul Keeper). It leaves a scar forever. He then takes you to the “Tree of Jiva” and makes you eat a fruit off this tree. Once this fruit is in your body, it slowly pains your body, starting with a head pain that makes your hair fall out, it then hurts your muscles until you cannot feel anything but pain. The light they talk about, is the light that you will often see, known as your death.

Project by: Bethany Gonzalez, Carolina Ortiz

1st Period