Freshman Seminar is a course offered during the first semester of 9th grade.

Freshman Seminar

In Freshman Seminar, there are 4 main topics:

  1. Get Connected
  2. Study Skills
  3. Digital Literacy
  4. Careers

What you learn

Get Connected

In the topic "Get Connected," you learn all about your high school and different types of information about it. It's really all about meeting your high school, getting advice for your freshman year, and your future at your high school.

Study Skills

"Student Skills" is all about motivation, note taking, and learning styles.  Motivation teaches you how to become motivated and stay motivated.  Note taking shows you different kinds of notes that you can use when listening to a lecture.  Learning styles classifies you into a specific type or style of learning

Digital Literacy

"Digital Literacy" teaches you about evaluating websites and copyrights.  Evaluating websites is extremely important when searching for correct information.  Some websites cannot be trusted and aren't official and give out incorrect information.  Copyrights are also very important.  You wouldn't want to accidentally use a picture that's copyrighted.


In "Careers" you think about your future and what you would like to do after high school.  It may seem like super far in the future and too soon to be thinking about it, but it can really help you figure out what you want to do.

Why Should You Take Freshman Seminar?

Freshman seminar can help anyone and everyone, including you.  It will help you get through your freshman year and every other year at high school, and even after that too.

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