How to Create a Club

Most agree that college can be a highly stressful time for people this age, as many of them are just learning to live alone for the first time. Demonstrating organizational and leadership skills rare for someone in that age group, however, one determined individual put together the club nearly on his own, orchestrating special events to encourage membership, as well as participating in the collaboration with other existing groups at the college to provide an eclectic and wide range of activities and experiences for the kids on campus. The students are constantly locked in a battle of juggling homework, classes, exams, work, as well as their home and social life. All of that can put students under a tremendous amount of pressure. But this determined student says that creating the Bass Fishing Club was a great opportunity to become close with his peers on campus, as well as to further his understanding of large scale organization, and what it takes to host big events.

This student was pleasantly surprised when several of his peers and classmates joined the group. Facing many of these pressures of life on campus himself, the student started fishing as a means of relaxation and escape. The student always knew the importance of being actively involved in his community, he also has a passion for fishing. It didn't take long before he realized that he could marry the two interests of his, and he would become the founder of the Centenary College Bass Fishing Club of New Jersey.

Evan Miles founded the Centenary College Bass Fishing Club of New Jersey with the hopes that others shared the same passion he had for fishing.

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