Sports Psychologist WANTED

By: Corbin Griffin

Job Listed in ad: Sports psychologist for Elon University.

Degree needed: The degree needed for a sports psychologist is a master’s degree. The ones who hold a doctorate degree have better job opportunities.

Job Qualifications: To uphold this job a sports psychologist must have a optimistic attitude to help better the mindsets of athletes. Athletes who are in need of a sports psychologist need help to overcome psychological barriers that hinder their physical jobs in their sport.

Experience: Required to have work experience related to psychology. Also have knowledge about various sports and activities. Also would be good to have previous teaching and conducting research.

Job Task: It all depends on which field you go into like clinical or applied. Most of the time you will be meeting face to face with the athlete and talking about their problems. They can also meet with the coaches and go around and do clinics at various schools.

Salary: The average salary for a sports psychologist at a university is $60,000 to $80,000 a year. Some of the highest salaries can get up to $100,000.

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