VCR Lesson 2

By Emily Zheng

Sacrament: n. Something considered to have sacred significance.

Root: SACER (sacred)

The young couple continued their long family religion by having their sacrament of marriage in the old but meaningful church.

Sanctuary: n. A sacred place; any place of refuge

Root: SANCTUS (holy)

Many refugees of the civil war took sanctuary in the local consecrated church where they could also worship everyday and deepen their connection with God.

Hieroglyphic: adj. 1. Written with pictures to represent sounds or meanings of words.

2. Hard to read.

Root: HIEROS (holy, sacred, supernatural)

The scholars now spend hours everyday bent over the ancient hieroglyphic forms of past civilizations, trying to decipher their true meanings.  It is a difficult task, though, since many ancients may have had hieroglyphic writing that does not seem to create any patterns or make any sense to the people today.

Expiate: tr. v. To make amends for; to atone for.

Roots: PIO, PIAVI, PIATUM (to appease, to purify(with sacred rites))

The professor attempted to expiate his accidental offensive remarks he had made in class by apologizing separately to a handful of certain students immediately after the session had ended.

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