Location Factors

Publicity- The more you are in the middle of something for example a town the more people will see your shop making more publicity. This is good, as in the harpur centre there are lots of shops like Primark and Tesco.                                           

Space- The more space you have in a location the more you have to expand a help your business grow. The problem with that is that it costs more for space like in Primark.

The View- The nicer the scenery the more customers will come to see the shop. Yes it looks nice but the better the view the more costly the shop like The Swan.

The Noise - Noise is a key factor in location as the more noise detracts the amount of customers you get. If the noise levels in a shop are to loud/high then costumers will not stay in the shop and go somewhere else and you will lose profit.  


Competition- Competitionis important as the less you have the more chance you have of succeeding. If a better business sells the same products then you will lose out on money so you would be better to move to a different area.


Recourses- The more recources you have around you the more profit you could make out of stuff you find this is effective as you keep more profit and don't lose out on buy more things for your shop.