JOB DESCRIPTION: Design, cut, and arrange live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage.

JOB SALARY: florists earn an average of $23,230 per year. Floral designers earn around $11 per hour. Florists employed by flower shops typically earn slightly less than those working at grocery stores or floral outlets. Additional training, location and employer can all have an impact on the hourly wages earned by florists.

EDUCATION NEEDED FOR JOB: Floral designers in seasonal, entry level positions (like arrangement assembly) do not require experience or formal education. Employers looking to hire a full-time florist will usually look for high school graduates with talent and enthusiasm for working with flowers

SKILLS NEEDED FOR JOB: To be a florist, you should have good practical skills. You will need the ability to explain your ideas to customers. You will also need a helpful and pleasant

TOOLS USED IN JOB:  adhesive, branch cutter, clear tape, foam, flower food,wire.

HOURS REQUIRED: it depends on where they work and if they have there own business or not.





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