Make Your Perfume Gift More Attractive

Packaging design is one of the most important aspects of gifting. When you send a gift to your friends, he does not see an innovative gift. What he sees is the packaging in the first sight. Therefore, having an attractive and unique but at the same time practical packaging design is therefore a key competitive advantage for gift givers.

1. Matchbox Style Perfume Box
This luxury perfume box is made in a matchbox style with a satin roughed interior. The outside sleeve is covered in red which has an unusual ′soft touch′ feel to it. The front and rear of the sleeve can be blocked to incorporate logos brand names and ingredients.
2. Round Perfume Box
A stunning round box in black with a red shoulder and red inner makes a good perfume gift packaging. Inside the box is a platform roughed in red silk. The lid has a matching red silk bow, tied in the center. This round perfume gift packaging box is so popular among girls.
3. Luxury Display Box
This round display box has two doors that can be opened with a silk pull, in order to reveal a beautifully crafted crystal perfume bottle. The bottle rests securely on a silk lined plinth. When the doors are closed the bottle is held firmly in place for shipping.
4. Clear Display Box
A Clear printed retail pack made from APET and printed in 4 colors, with a clear plastic in the base to hold the perfume bottle and figurine securely in place. The bar code is printed on the back and the base is a crash-lock design. This perfume gift packaging design is so elegant.
5. Perfume Shoulder Box
A rectangular shoulder box wrapped in embossed white paper gift bag, with gold goil blocking. A contrasting purple has been used on the exposed section of the shoulder and this is matched to the silk lining used on the platform.
6. Perfume Presentation Box
A Round Perfume Box with two doors that are securely closed with magnets. When the doors are opened, it is like opening the curtains to a stage and the star attraction is there in the spotlight for all to see. The perfume bottle is located on a platform that is roughed in silk.
These are all popular perfume Rigid gift packaging box design from shangyu packaging. Are you inspired by these perfume gift packaging designs? If you are interested in these perfume gift packaging designs, you can visit www. for more information.

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