God is Not a Superstition.

There are many people that create an imaginary God in their mind. This deformed belief system has plagued us for many years. Following the Way is extremely challenging when one has perceived its perversions. However, as my grandmother says, "God is. That's all you need to know. "

I read about this thing called the Word, that explained Himself in the Book, which is a collection of poems, letters, and stories, which testifies to His goodness. Also to His control and how with His divine Justice created all things.

So, It Begins

There was once upon a time a process called creation. Within it, man understood that his words and actions could enhance or limit the possible outcomes based on something else. This "else", which is extremely hard to precisely translate into the currently available lexicon, is extremely real. There is so much speculation around the "else." However, any sentient being that dwells on planet that contains perceivable "life" and "light" will seek to describe the beginning and the source of the original idea.

Such things are described within a cultural language which evolved into a lexicon which is used to convey a currently perceived reality. In a sense, religion, like science, is a language.

What is Creativity?

the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work (Oxford Dictionary)

Additional Thoughts

Fortunately, for us, there is documentation available in culture that contains the appropriate data, algorithms, principles, practice problems, and proofs that should be applied in order to evaluate whether our response to situations, people, places, and ideas are appropriate... or not.

What is Prayer?

Examining your perspective and acknowledging its limits while respecting that complete truth does exist. Even though, one can only perceive pieces.

Pieces of reality can become appropriately connected proportional to time in prayer.

The wider the picture, the greater the quality of one's decision making process.