3 Amazing Hero's

By Autumn

Hurricane heros

These three savers aren't just hero's there also jut kids.The first hero is named Matt.He saved a old lady and some dogs in  cold water,and he is 16 years old.Ariel is only 14 and helped people in here own way by making her own website to help kids. Demonte Love took care of 5 kids with out help.Now there are some similarities and some differences as well. The similarities is that they all saved somebody.Ariel and Matt are both teenagers.Matt and Love both saved someone physicaly. All of them are vary kind , generes , and very determened to help other people. There all just kids no matter how you look at it. There also in a article for they done, and sadly all of them had there houses flooded. I think there's more differences them similarity. Like how Ariel saved people she did it by using the internet. The two boys didn't do that. And ,that Matt saved some dogs and a old lady. They didn't do that eather. Love took care of 5 kids 16 months -5 years old. That took a lot of bravery to do that. And Ariel got an award by the president. How come Matt or Love get one as well. Mostly Love cause Matt only saved 1 person and some dogs. Ariel saved some kids but so did Love. She wasn't even in town when the hurricane came. She was at her aunts house were it's safe when it struck the town. Loves  mother had to give him up just to save his life. Matt's night wasn't so peachy eather. He had to sleep at a friends house for safety reasons. And to make the day even worse the nieghborehood  was on fire. So these are the differences when it comes to these loyal hero's.

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