CIA Technical/Targeting Analyst

Data and statistics and probability are some of the math used in this job.

What They Do

Targeting analysts work on teams to identify and oppose threats to US security.

How Is Math Involved?

The tactical and strategic parts of this job use coordinates, data and statistics, and probability to make predictions. Coordinates are very similar to the coordinate grid that we use in our math class, and we did units on data and statistics and probability.

This is the insectothopter, a spy dragonfly camera.


  • $50,360-$100,974
  • This is enough to provide for a family.
Your stereotypical spy watch camera
This shoe can record conversations from 15 feet away.


The lithium iodine battery is one of the many things invented by the CIA to make surveillance camera life last longer, and increase preformance too. Google Earth is one of the most used applications by a technical analyst. They also use supercomputers for tracking movement, strategy and electronic transmission. Technology like Corona, America's first satellite program, are being improved on and will be used in the future.

This is Charlie.

Other Jobs

Economic Analysts assess economic, trade, and financial issues that affect US security interests.

Political Analysts are in charge of dealing with political systems and foreign affairs.

Military Analysts study military powers to make policy decisions, prepare for war, or making further steps to ensure national security.

What Was Interesting, New, Like/Dislike

The most interesting part was learning that used so much math in their work.

It was fun to learn about all the new technology and gadgets.

I used to think that math was used in jobs that you have to sit in an office, now I know it is used everywhere.

I would like to use all the new technology and gadgets, but I would dislike having a job where you may have the whole country relying on you.

These are spy pens.

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