Saskatchewan Roughriders

by: Shannon, Nelly, Karissa

Roughriders are a professional Canadian football team based in Regina, Saskatchewan. They were founded in 1910, the Roughriders are among the three oldest professional gridiron football teams that remains. Originally known as the Regina Rugby Club from 1910 till 1923. In 1924, the team had changed their team name, to Regina Roughriders. Since 1936, the Roughriders had played their home games at Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field.

How many grey cups have the Roughriders won?

In November 26th 1966, the Roughriders won the grey cup against the Ottawa Rough Riders in Vancouver at the Empire Stadium. In November 26th 1989, they once more won the grey cup against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Toronto at the SkyDome. In November 25th 2007, they won the grey cup against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers also in Toronto at the Rogers Center. On November 24th 2013, they won against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Regina at the Mosaic Stadium.

What are the original colours of the Saskatchewan Roughriders?

Gold and Purple -> Blue and White -> Red and Black -> Green and White

    ^ 1910 ^            ^Next Season^        ^ 1912 ^                 ^ 1948 ^

The original Saskatchewan Roughriders colours took place in 1910. In the next season, they had come to a decision to change their team colours to blue and white. In 1912, they had announced to again change their colours to red and black. In 1948, they made their final decision on the colour green and white.

What is the official mascot of the Saskatchewan Roughriders?

The official mascot of the Saskatchewan Roughriders is "Gainer the Gopher". Gainer the Gopher's first appearance was made in 1977, till now Gainer is still entertaining the supporters of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The costume is modelled after the Richardson's Ground Squirrel, frequently referred to as a "gopher" in various places in North America. In November 5th, 2006, Gainer the Gopher was banned from joining the playoff game versus the Calgary Stampeders at McMahon Stadium in Calgary. They had done this to prevent thousands of Roughrider fans that had attended the game from rallying.


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