I learned that Entertainment cost alot of money. Usually the prices per month go up.I learned  that Entertainment usually is the most expensive.

I choose a doctor  because I like to help and cure people.Another reason I choose to be a  doctor is because I like  to help  people to have a better life.

My career effects my house ,car, and other expenses because i'm a doctor and I need a apartment. I need to pay for my mustang and I paid a lot of money.

Yes, I did create a balanced spread sheet because I would want and need a car and a apartment also,a job.I would also have about$ 3,000 in savings account so I could use it for collage or my family

The spread sheet changed my perception money.You have to use it wisely by buying the important stuff first then buy the stuff you want.

Creating this spread sheet prepared me for my future  because now I know when i'm a doctor . I know how much money to use in my savings.

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