Welcome to Canada

Canadian Tourism Poster By: Kayla Krone and Sam Graeser

Map of Canada

Most of the people in Canada are people who want Quebec to become independent.

Pierre Trudeau was a guy who had made an effort to add freedoms to the Canadian constitutions.

In Canada they have a lot of paths that make transportation easier. These paths are called transportation corridors.

Canada is known for having land that slows down transportation such as lakes, mountains, and hills.

A lot of Canadian people speak more than one language and can speak it fluently.

French is the 5th most spoken language in Canada, so if you speak French go to Canada.

Canada has always allowed immigrant's to come and have their own religion.

The term imports is when Canada has goods such as fish and seafood or metal and minerals imported from somewhere else to Canada.

This roller coaster is called the Behemoth. It is the top roller coaster in Canada. You can find this roller coaster in Wonderland and the reason why ever one likes this roller coaster is because of the drop !! Come on over to Canada and try the new Behemoth.

Banff National Park is for those people that love to relax and hangout with nature

Niagara falls is used to show people that there is nothing more beautiful than a water fall on a sunny day.

The Butchart Gardens is a perfect place for you and your family to walk around in peace and look at the beautiful flowers and waterfalls.

This is what the Behemoth roller coaster looks like

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