Poetry Elements-Grade 6-Caylin & SaraMargaret!

This poem is called Bear in There by Shel Silverstien. It is about a man saying that there is a polar bear in his refrigerator. You`ll laugh you head off! This shows rhyme and rhythm! "There's a polar bear

In our Frigidaire—"

This is a poem about a puzzle piece that is left in the rain and no one knows what it is. Try it you might like it!! :) It keeps repeating the sentence "One picture puzzle piece".

This is all different poems with alliteration in it. ENJOY!! One poems says, "The droplets dance daintily"! One poem is about rain falling and what it sounds like to the person who is writing the poems.

These are poems with the element of hyperbole.. Multiple poems so be ready for alot of reading. Such as "In a house the size of a postage stamp"

These poems have all kinds of onomatopoeia poems. For Example: one poem says that Mom and Dad are home.... SLAM! JANGLE!!!!

These poems with the element of personification. One poem talks about teapots singing while the water boiled.