Eight Tempting Features of International Schools

Education is the best investment that any government can engage into. Preparing for the future of the country is best done by investing in the knowledge and skills that will be acquired by the young citizens through quality educational institutions. Singapore is one of the countries that have seriously acknowledged the importance of education in securing the future of the nation. To further improve the educational status of the country, the Singaporean government has also allowed the existence of various private international schools. Eight features of international schools tempt a number of expats and Singaporean parents and these are discussed below.

World-class facilities. While it is true that government schools in Singapore hire only the best teachers, it can’t be denied that singapore international schools employ world-class instructors who are trained and experienced in handling students of diverse background.

Modern facilities. International schools possess technology-enabled classrooms and school buildings. State-of-the-art multimedia classrooms, speaking laboratories and excellent sound systems are just some of these facilities that are used to promote student participation.

Class size. Small student-teacher ratio is a distinct characteristic of international schools. An average of five to fifteen students per single teacher is boasted by international educational institutions. This small class size is believed to hasten student learning.

Study-life balance. Unlike their counterparts, international schools hold several indoor and outdoor school activities in a year to balance the rigorous academic tasks with enjoyable field learning. Related school activities are also done to enhance the creativity and imagination of the students in competing co-curricular activities.

Holistic growth. Students of international schools usually come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Hence, a student will be able to be immersed and accept the religious and cultural differences of their classmates. As a result, these students will not only improve academically but will also grow to be culturally-sensitive people.

Medical facilities. International schools recognize the importance of student health monitoring. Hence, international schools possess medical rooms with nurses and doctors who will cater to the needs of a student whenever health emergency arises in school.

Regular check-up. Routine check-up is also facilitated by international schools. The payment for this is included in the child’s tuition. By holding regular check-ups with specialist doctors, parents will be confident that the school caters to both the intellectual and physical health of their beloved children.

Disaster management orientation. Several international schools also hold orientations and drills for disastrous events like tornado, typhoon or fire. This is because the school management is aware that verbal instruction will not suffice to instill the disaster management plan to students. Regular drills must be implemented to be sure that the young students will maintain calmness during an alarming situations.

Enrolling students to international schools in Singapore will help these learners attain optimal learning procedure. The eight features of international schools also explained that holistic child growth is offered by these private education facilities.