Brighton Beach Memoirs   Class Project
Jerry Saucedo

The Great Depression

Brighton Beach Memoirs was set in the middle of the Great Depression. In this section you will

1.) Write a well written paragraph with information on the Great Depression. What was it? Who was affected by it? When was it? Paragraph must be at least five sentences.

2.) Must add a link that shows statistics about the Great Depression.

3.) Must add a video.

Colleges in the 1930's

    Eugene says that he wants to go to college to become a writer. Research a college that would be great for Eugene to go to.

    1.) Write a well written paragraph with information on the college

    • How much was tuition in the 1930's?
    • How much was room and board, books, etc.?
    • What were the major differences between college back then and to today.
    • What is the mascot?

    2.) Going to college you have to learn to live on your own. Write another well written paragraph with information about costs in the 1930's.

    • What was the cost of gas?
    • What was the cost of different foods?
    • What was the cost to purchase a new car?
    • Add any other different costs that you found interesting

    3.)  Implement a picture with this slide

    4.) Implement a button with information about the university.

Stan's Apology Letter

Stan has decided to write the apology letter to Mr. Stroheim. We never see the letter in the book. Write the letter as if you were Stan. Incorporate the following requirements.

1.)Must have at least 3 paragraphs.

2)Each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences.

3)Must have a well written apology

4) Must explain why he should hire you back

Broadway Show

Nora has a dream to dance on Broadway. There are many shows that are on Broadway. Research a Broadway show of your choice.

1)Find a Broadway Show of your choice

2) Facts about the show (when was the first show, cost of tickets, any other interesting facts)

3) Add a video that goes with this show.

4) Find a review for the play and place a link to that review.

Personal Review

Your friend has asked you if Brighton Beach Memoirs was worth reading/watching. Write a review for the book. What was your favorite part of the book? Which character was your favorite? Why should someone read/ watch this play?