Magnificent Morocco

This is the Morocco flag
Moroccan girl

Welcome to Morocco. I am so happy to have you come to our country. I have prepared this welcome letter to assist with your transition from Oelwein, Iowa USA.

First we will talk about your clothing and appearance. You will need to be well groomed with hair combed and teeth brushed. You will need a hooded ankle length long sleeve outfit.

We eat Couscous contains meat , onion , butter, salt, pepper etc. Mashwee contains butter , salt , water etc. It is not polite to finish eating before the host.

The holidays here are New Years held on January 1st. Throne day is held on July 30th. Youth Day is held on August 21st.

The arts here are Rhythmic Gnaouan has a good melody this music actually comes from sub-Saharan Africa. Often use whirling dancing and playing. Famous for pottery.

We speak Arabic and some French. Arabic can be added on to different languages. French is spoken in business and government.

One of the first independent nations to recognize U.S. Sovereignty. Arabs invaded in the seventeenth century. European nations became involved in the nineteenth century.

They are a Constitutional monarchy government with a monarch at the head. King Muhammad VI has broad powers. Muhammad took control in 1660.

Now we are talking about sports. Men enjoy watching and playing sports together. They like to play soccer. They also play basketball.

Now we will talk about housing. Most live in apartments. Because of size the apartments have a living room for guests to stay in. They also have a tv room.

Now we are talking about school. Kids start primary school at six or seven and usually go for six years. Then you attend middle school for three years.

Things you may like about this country. If you like to eat with your hand you only eat with the right hand. You may like playing basketball.

Things you may not like about our country. You may like to point so get out of that habit. Don’t point your foot at someone. You have to wash your hands before and after you eat.    




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