Inferences from Bill's Baggy Pants Author Susan Gates

by Zack wood

                                                                         Inference  1

                        It loos like he is probably going to fall since his pants are to big.

                                                                         statement 2

Bill said "I'd like to buy some potatoes ." I think he is going stuff all the potatoes in his pockets and become weighted down and not going to be able to walk.

                                                                     Inference 3                                                                                              It looks like the store clerk is trying to figure out why he did not get a bag so he'll be able to walk.

                                                                         inference 4                                                                                  I think he is going to get in trouble with his mom for not getting all the potatoes  she  needed .

                                                                          statement 5

"They got bigger and bigger ." I think the wind is going to fill them up with air and he is going to float all over town.

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