1.  my country is  panama . its a pore country which has a low population  . It is in north america .they speak spanish language. many us dollars are in panama.             

2. panamas climate is hot,and sunny.               

3.they have hotels at there beach and they have  few campgrounds and there  transportation is not very much use of home only for the homeless.

4. they have lots of art related artifacts and most of there cultures are parades .   

5.there food is rice,meat,and squash ,yucca,squash,plantains and beans .  

6.they have beaches,sports,and parks ,sports soccer,baseball,horseback riding,boxing,`they have competitive  fishing and swimming .   

7.panama city,Azuero peninsula,there petroglyphs.  

8.monkey island ,panama old town,soboga,primera beach,panama canal,seafood market.

9. food , concerts ,sport games ,  and many other things   

10.go to panamas beaches , food stores ,and much more.

11.go to get brochures at the parks and start looking

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