S.S. Project 600 C.E

1.  To obtain more water for the crops they planted, they dug wells deep into the ground.

2.  Mountain dwellers lived in houses made of mud bricks.

3.  People clothed themselves in loose fitting clothing to protect themselves from heat and dust and flies.

4.  Having a camel is important because they can carry heavy loads and survive days with out water.

5.  Farmers use palm wood to build homes.

6.  People built deep wells, dams, and systems to irrigate the land.

7.  People stored extra rain water in underground storage containers, leather bags and hollowed out trees

8.  People living in the mountains created terrorists fields.

9.  People used manure and ashes from cooking fires to fertilize the soil

10.  Nomads got almost everything they needed from their herds.

desert: Besides large seas of sand the desert includes plains and plateaus

oases: Oases are important because they provide plant life and shade as well as water.

coastal plains: The coastal plain separates inland plateaus from the red sea, the Arabian sea and the Persian gulf.

Mountains: Mountains divide the coastal plains from the desert.

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