Andrew J Cass

Andrew J. Cass: Renegade Staff

Andrew Cass is the successful business leader who has helped other South Florida entrepreneurs gather in one group to share all of their skills and secret tools to prosperity. He is the Chapter Director of Renegade South Florida Entrepreneurs, which is a group dedicated to the advancement of business tactics and solutions that make the conduction of business efficient and more profitable for all. At Renegade, a staff of executive work under Cass’ leadership to make this group a powerful force in the flow of commerce throughout South Florida.

The group is just one branch of a multi-national conglomerate, the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle. The GKIC was founded by Dan Kennedy, a prominent business figure who has been the source of inspiration for millions of entrepreneurs around the globe. His clients range from giant corporations to sole proprietors, all of which have gained significant profit boosts from Kennedy’s shared expertise.

Christine Myers is the group’s Membership Coordinator. She brings years of administrative experience to the table, and has also been a role model for hundreds of young minds through her youth ministry work. She is an award-winning businesswoman who is the founder of her own company, Virtual Assistant Services.

Rey Perez is the organization’s Event Coordinator. Rey was a student of Advertising and Sociology at the Florida International University. He later went on to become a health and fitness coach as well as a personal trainer and fitness model. He was featured on the cover of the 20414 Health & Fitness Magazine “The Challenge” edition.

Andrew Cass on Social Media and SMS

As a prosperous businessman as well as the President of RemarkaMobile, Andrew Cass is a mobile marketing mogul that knows all of the latest industry trends and has the foresight to see what new developments come with the new technologies that appear on the market. Below, he breaks down two of the biggest techniques to hit the marketing industry today: Social Media and SMS. These two strategies have revamped the way that businesses communicate with their customers, enabling them to reach wider audiences at less of a cost to them. These very tools have not only impacted the marketing departments of companies, but they have also created new pathways for extended customer service and simple feedback solutions.


Short Message Service, or SMS, is the marketing tool of the future, says Andrew J Cass. The ability to send short, compelling marketing messages to mobile users is the new way of grabbing the attention of consumers in a generation where paper marketing materials, and even e-mails, are becoming outdated forms of reaching customers and offering them specials or new products. SMS is a method that has been embraced by many companies as the number one way to reach customers with daily specials because of the low-cost and rapid results they produce.

Social Media

Social Media is a more interactive way of communicating all of the deals and information to your customers, and it also involves a social circle aspect that shows how all the recipients respond to the communications from your company. As an open forum, social media can be a sensitive arena at times and it should be handled by PR professionals.

Andrew J Cass - He's Never Looked Back

Andrew J Cass spent ten years in the Financial Services industry in both Investment Banking and Mortgage Banking before becoming an Internet Marketer in 2006. Since making the switch, he has never looked back.

He has become quite wealthy with two separate Direct Sales businesses, which twice earned him seven figures before he had reached the age of thirty-five. Today he is one of the nation's foremost experts on Direct Selling, and an in-demand speaker on productivity and sales performance training.

Andrew J Cass also co-founded and is president of RemarkaMobile, a leading Direct Sales organization in the Mobile Marketing space. "We are a full service mobile marketing company," he explains. "The focus is on three big things: mobile-optimized web sites for a better user experience at your site; SMS text marketing for mobile list-building, connecting and communicating via mobile device, where everyone is today; and thirdly, professional social media management, so that you can focus on running your business, while our team focuses on running your mobile and social presence."

He says that RemarkaMobile really works. The foundation, he says, is on mobile list-building. "This is, in this day and age, in our new mobile economy, what I consider to be your most important asset." That is because so many people are spending so much of their time on a mobile device, from smart phones to tablets. "So getting access to someone's mobile number will give you access to communicate and connect, and really be front-of-mind with your customers and prospects."

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