6MEH.1.1 The Decision Making Model


You have a huge project incomplete due on Monday, and your cousin just ask you to go camping all weekend.

Step 2: List the options
The way you would to it would be doing it on your way to go camping,while you are there,and on your way home .

When you get home you could do some more of the project if you didn't finish it.

You could do it before it is ready to be taken up.

Step 3: weigh the possible outcomes

H(HEALTHFUL)it will help you so you want get a 0 on the project

E(ETHICAL) it would be right for you to do the project

L(LEGAL) no because you are doing your project

P(PARENT APPROVAL) yes my parents would approval

step 4: consider values

yes because you would get a better grade then a 0 on it

step 5: make a decision and act on it

so you can get a good grade for the project you did

step 6: evaluate the decision

you turned it in and would get a good grade

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