Golfing by: Jonathan

History of Golf

Do you like golf? Do you like history? Then this is what you will want to read! Do you know who invented mini Golf? They are Garnet Carter, Mark Dean, And David Crost. The person who got credit for it was Garnet Carter. Also, do you know who is the most famous player of all? It is Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is the number one best player in all of golf in the entire world but he has big problems. Do you like Golf's history, Or not?


You need to know that golf has a short amount of equipment. The golf Equipment is not meant to hit each other! they are meant to hit a golf ball. The golf ball is part of the Equipment. The next equipment is bout the golf clubs. the golf clubs are the main equipment in the game. those clubs are called, Putter, Wedge, Iron, and Driver. First we will review the Putter, the Putter is the weakest club of all. This club is meant to hit golf balls that are closest to the hole. The next club is the Wedge. The Wedge is a club for when the ball is fairly close to the hole. After that club the next club will be the Iron. the Iron is the club for when you are midway through. Last but not least is the Driver. the Driver is the strongest club. This is what you want to hit with first. Now we will get with the other Equipment, The golf cart. The Golf cart is what you use to get to a Golf course. The last Equipment is the golfing bag you use this to carry your Equipment. Now that is a short amount Equipment, Don't you think

How clubing can be fun!

How do you think hitting a golf ball can be fun? I think it is. Hitting a golf ball can be fun as it is. And if you are angry, you can let it out on hitting a golf ball! but you need a golf club to play. How do you think clubbing be fun? It sure is!

Golfing Rules

Since Golf is a sport, It has got to have rules! They're alot of rules in golf.

1. You need equipment

2. Concentrate on the ball

3. You need equipment

4. Play fair 5. Be a good sport 6. Don't be mean 7. Play with the right Equipment 8. Don't brag!!! 9. Try to hit the ball into fair play

That is Tiger Woods if you look up. And he says..... Follow the expectations of Golf, And play golf everyday to play like me. And you will be like me. Be a fair sport!