Are you ready for freddy?

The article that explains some theories and basics of FNAF(Five Nights At Freddy's)

a game created by Scott Cawthon and currently has a sequel i do not own this

Basically, you see an ad in a newspaper that a local business called freddy fazbear's pizzeria is looking for a night watchmen to look after the place until 6:00am. Although, there is a twist the animatronics well they are not asleep like you think they whould be... more to come for the story below and some theories

this is the office in the 2nd game!

the background story is, that there have been a string of murders within the chain of freddy's restaurants, reason being that a certain ceo of fazbear entertainment had  committed these murders by taking a suit and luring kids into the back room (there will be pictures of the suit and the culprit). The reason that the animatronics move around is because... they are possessed! while phone guy,scott does the voice of phone guy, says that they were never given a proper night mode and if they see you they think you are an animatronic without its costume,but why were the murders even included if they were walking around trying to kill you? Theories are a little lower,on one more note there is a 3rd game coming out          

this is the suit

The theories there are only a few I will go over so. 1.the phone guy is some what involved in the murders just look at purple guy up top and tell me what you the second game the antagonist balloon boy or bb for short is just a hulucination because he has no exo skeleton and when he attacks you he does not hurt you he just stands there and laughs and you can not use your flashlight.3. In the first game phone guy talks about a bite of 87 and does not explain who it is well in the second game there might be a culprit... Mangle or Chica (there will be a list of antagonists with the picture).4. the marionette aka the puppet gave life to the dead children and turned them into the animatronics how you may ask... well usually on occasion you get a after death mini game on one mini game a child is killed while freddy is giving cake to children and he turns into a figure that looks like the marionette coincidence i think not. 5. Often times you might catch a glimpse of a crying child in the hallway of the first game this relates to number 4 of the list of theories, that child might be a easter egg relating to the marionette from the tears on the minigame.

I DO NOT OWN THIS Go follow GhostHunters Inc on youtube he made the video.

here are the characters and names

thanks to suzy lu go subscribe to her on youtube... JUMP SCARE WARNING!!!!!  

does this look like the child on the minigame? you decide

Do not let the order of the game fool you Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is actually a prequel! The third game I am unaware of what it is,i will leave the trailer and the steam page link, in the story line,but from the pictures It was remade into a horror attraction.

wyatt hunt, i do not own this
five nights at freddys three map easter egg brightened. owned by scott cawthon

the difference

Unlike most of the other horror games you walk into the jump scares, but in this game the jump scares come to you. While you sit in your office you can only watch,or close doors in the first game,and see the animatronic come towards your location.

BUT you have 2 factors to focus on

The ambience and the jump scare

Five Nights at Freddy's had both spot on both one and the sequel

apart from other games like miaso or mad father you must walk to the jump scares

oh and one more little thing that i noticed is that if you turn the map 180' it looks like the protagonist from scott's other game 'there is no pause button'

owned by scott cawthon

know the fazbear way

A quick test to see if you have been paying attention... 1)who committed the murders?

2)who was responsible for the bite of 87? 3)what game does the map look like from Scott Cawthon? 4) who is the crying child in the picture? 5)what was the name of the costume that was used for the murders?

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Do you know there are two more of five nights at freddy's

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update there is a 4th fnaf coming out