Manufactured fibers

Allyson Godwin
Polyester,Nylon, Spandex, Acrylic, Rayon,Acetate

Manufactured fibers- Fibers that are man-made (synthetic) and are created by combining various substances with chemicals.

Polyester- common use: children s wear, shirts, suits. Easy care- wasable

Nylon- Common uses: Hosiery, swimwear, windbreakers. Washes easly

Acrylic-Common uses: Terrycloth, bathrobe, knitted garment, outdoor furniture fabrics and awnings. Quick dry

Spandex- Common uses: Swimwear , dancewear, exercise clothes. Easily damaged by chlorine bleach

Rayon- Common uses: Linings, sports shirts, jackets. Mildews and wrinkles easily, Stretches and is weak when wet

Acetate- Common uses:Neckties, lingerie, blouses, linings. Wrinkles easily, Special care needed in cleaning

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