NEW Google Tricks!

tip #1

Google compares your food! if you ever need to decide what to have for dinner, simply type "pizza vs spaghetti" for example and Google will give you results of both foods side by side

tip #2 defining words

Google can also define words by simply adding a "DEFINE:" before the word, here is an example

tip #3 heads or tails?

ever need to choose between 2 things and don't have a coin? with Google you can actually flip a coin by just saying "heads or tails" or "flip a coin" into the microphone

tip#4 love quotes!

Ever feel in the need for some ransom poetic love quotes? well now with the love quote generator you can merely speak in to the microphone the words "give me a love quote" or "i love you" and you will automatically get a random lovey dovey quote

Tip#5 searching 2 things at once!

by simply adding the words or to a search you can search two things at once with both searches having " " marks

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