Solar Energy

By: Jeffery Funez , Lorenzo Lopez , Aiden Brockington


There are advantages and disadvantages for SOLAR energy . Some advantages for SOLAR energy is there is a unlimited supply , doesn't pollute , its renewable , and its silent . Some disadvantages are , if the weather patterns are bad, it can also be VERY expensive . Solar energy is a renewable resource. the reason its renewable is because it doesn't take a long time to be replenished .

As you can see in this video solar energy can power a whole town maybe even a city. Same with wind or hydro-power .

  • This is a SOLAR field . This solar field can probably power a city . The reason we say that is because two solar panels can power a house , and as you can see this SOLAR FIELD has way more solar panels .

In this photo the red stands for most use of Solar energy and green stands for less used . So around the area of Los Angeles or San diego is the most used Solar energy , and Seattle is less used SOLAR energy .

  • RENEWABLE DEFINITION : A natural resource that can be replenished in a short amount of time .EX: Solar ,Wind energy, hydropower , and biomass NONRENEWABLE DEFINITION : A resource that takes billions of years to replenish .EX: coal , petroleum , natural gas , and nuclear.

Biomass: Is made of living or recently living organisms . biomass is a renewable resource .

Geothermal : Is generated and stored in the earth . (renewable).

Hydropower: Is powered from moving water (renewable).

Solar Energy: Is radiant light and heat from the sun (renewable).

Wind Energy: Uses wind turbines that create kinetic energy from wind (renewable).

Petroleum: Is used to make gas (nonrenewable).

Natural Gas: This is one of the cleanest nonrenewable resource . Also is found with oil (nonrenewable).

Coal: is extracted from the ground by mining (nonrenewable).

Propane: a colorless gas found in natural gas and petroleum and widely used as fuel (nonrenewable).

Uranium: is a chemical element   and atom number 92.

  • Turn of lights when done .
  • Turn of AC when your not home .
  • Turn off your TV and go outside .
  • Take your phone charger out when done .
  • Ride your bike or walk .
  • Reuse paper .
  • Insulate your heater .
  • Close fridge doors .
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth .
  • Take shorter showers .
  • Only use washer when you have a full load .
  • Dry clothes outside .

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