Assignment #3 book connections

Molly helps young kids learn about their cultures and beliefs. She helps her communities by helping Native Americans get back their culture and language. She help young kids to think deeply about their future.  She knows for sure that if she greets and hugs the youth in her community it will help her community heal. She plans to combine this formal education with Native teachings to work as a counselor with Native people. Native people are still deeply wounded by what happened to their ancestors at Indian boarding school. Molly is a decision makers in the community, She is a clan mother which represented the will of the people in selecting chiefs and other important decisions.

- Molly knows a lot of people like Juniors grandmother.

- Young kids respect her a lot just like how junior respect his grandmother.

- She lost her son like how Junior lost his grandmother.

- She makes people feel comfortable around her like Junior grandmother.

- She's also very kind to many people like Junior's grandmother

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3 years ago

Molly creates hope in her community by helping Native Americans get back their cultural beliefs and the three main connections to the book are respects the elders, knows a lot of people and they both have lost the love ones.

3 years ago

Good controlling ideas Mai Nou. Think about how these ideas are related.