Race zone
By Hunter Bearden

business Description

Have you ever heard of my business on jupitur ? My business is called Race Zone.I sell gas, candy, proteen bars, chips, soda, energy  drink and milk.I made a gas tation because there's gas so I can use all the  gas.All in all if you have not heard of my gas tation you need to visit it.

pricing page


diesel $5.00

regular $4.00

premium$ 699




protein bars$200



drpepper $499

mountain dew$899

You should come to my business because we have the best t stuff.Ever saterday ever thing is free.So you can get ever thing in the store free so you don't have to pay.Ever time you come if your cars dirty we will clean it for ten cents.So you don't have to clean it by yourslef.The workers will fill your car up with gas so you don't have to fill it up.So your hands won't start herting bad from holding the lever.We have the best thing if your out looking for gas come to my gas station.