Feudal Japan

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In  Ancient Japan what was Feudalism?

The leaders of the civilization was the shogun they were like the king and they ruled the country through the Dimyo they were like the nobles , who were the heads of the samurai they were like the knights. The peasants farmed the land in exchange for protection by the samurai, who operated under a code of  conduct known as Bushido they were like chivalry.

In Ancient Japan What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan?

Being a warrior in feudal Japan was more than just a job,i t was a way of life. The collapse of aristocratic rule ushered in a new age of chaos. Appropriately called the Warring States period (c.1400-1600) ,In which military might dictated who governed and who followed.

In Ancient Japan What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period?

Bonsai/Zen Gardens - these are designed to help people think quietly. This also highlights the natural beauty of flowers/gardens

Haiku - Japan developed Haiku poetry.

Calligraphy - Ancient Japan art.

In Ancient Japan What was the social structure of Feudal Japan?

It had the shogun which was the king and the highest in the social structure. The Dimyo were like the nobles which were the second highest in the social structure. The Samurai  were like the knight  and were the 3 highest in the social structure. The Peasants were the lowest in the social structure.

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