American Sniper

Chris Kyle


Chris Kyle is a Texas country boy who is a part of the Navy SEALs. He developed a talent, and a liking, for the dangers of warfare as well as finding the right spot from which to kill an enemy with a single shot. Sniping is a skill that requires patience, nerve as well as certain cold-bloodedness, all of which Kyle displayed relentlessly in the major battles of Iraq. The story "American Sniper" is about Chris's evolution from restless civilian to dedicated killer.  Kyle's view is blunt and simplistic.  Kyle's voice deserves attention not as a historic analysis, but as the sound of anger from the battlefield and the difficulty of resuming anything that passes for a normal life. The voice of Kyle's wife, Tara, also deserves attention. Several passages of her comments are interspersed with her husband's story of war and killing. The passages are spare but revealing.


"After the first kill," Kyle writes, "the others come easy. I don't have to psych myself up, or do something special mentally — I look through the scope, get my target in the cross hairs, and kill my enemy, before he kills one of my people."

"On the front of my arm, I had a crusader cross inked in," he writes. "I wanted everyone to know I was a Christian. I had it put in red, for blood. I hated the damned savages I'd been fighting. I always will. They've taken so much from me."

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