My Holidays!

By Caitlyn Allan!

The first week of holidays weren't much fun for me. I had a very bad cough and couldn't get out of bed. I felt horrible and what made it worse is Mum and Jas had it as well.

The second week of the holidays Mum had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Jas and I stayed at Nan's house while Mum was at work. We went to the Guide Park with our cousins Bridie and Sophie. Nan cooked the sausages and we kept our cousins entertained.

Jas and I got out side as much as we could. Being cooped up inside while we were sick was sooooooooooooooo BORING! we played with Daniela, Gabriel and Catherine. We played Master Chef and cooked cakes and pies. We didn't eat them though! I would never eat mud, bark, grass and flowers mixed together!

On Friday the12th of July Mum, Jas and I went to the beach with Daniela, Gabriel, Catherine and Pat. We also brought  Dobby our boxer dog! Mum and Pat stayed and played with  Dobby while all the kids explored the sand dunes. Gabriel needed to go off the track to do a pee. When he came back to us his foot was bleeding. We went as quickly as we could back to the beach, to where the parents were. Mum went to get the first aid kit while I held Dobby. Jas wanted to hold Dobby and as I was passing the lead over to Jas, Dobby yanked so hard I had to let go otherwise Dobby would have broken my fingers off. Dobby bolted up the sand dunes to where Mum was. We all ran after him but when we got up the hill Mum was calling, " I've got him! " We went back to the beach and waited for Mum to come back. Pat took Gabriel to the hospital. When they came back Gabriel had one stitch in his foot and had crutches.

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