Inventions of Industrial Revolution

Telephone 1876

Alexander Graham Bell was a very smart man. He invented the telephone.

The telephone was a very important invention. You know it was important when we still use this device today. Alexander Graham Bell invented this. This was an important invention because we can talk with anyone over a long distance.

Light bulb-1879

Thomas Edison had many important inventions. This was one of them.

The light bulb was important because it gave people light when it was dark. A long time ago they didn't have light when it got dark out. People no longer had to carry around a candle or anything else.

Gasoline Engine - 1876

Nicholas Otto built the first gas powered engine.

The first gas powered engine was important because eventually the first car was made using the gas engine. Today, we use cars to travel long distances that we can't walk. If it were'nt for cars it would take a while to get to places that you usually get to in 10 minutes.

First Handheld Camera - 1888

George Eastman was first to build and patent the first handheld camera.

The first handheld camera was important because you could now capture a picture and save it. If you had to show someone something important then you would be able to do so. All you had to do was get a picture of it.

First Airplane - 1903

The Wright brothers invented and flew the very first airplane

The airplane was another form of transportation. This was much faster then cars but not everyone wanted to go in the airplane because they weren't very popular yet. Some people were afraid the airplane wouldn't work.

Typewriter- 1873

Christopher Sholes invents the typewriter.

The typewriter was important because it aloud people to type things and print them. People could now spread news about what important was going on. This typewriter was not like keyboards we have today. However, they did work.

Charles and Frank Duryea worked together to accomplish good things

The first gas powered automobile was important because it was a faster form of transportation. This invention let you be where you needed to be much faster then normal.


John Milne develops seismogra

The seismograph was important because you could measure how strong an earthquake was. This was important because some people didn't want to live in places where high strength earthquakes would occur often.

Dishwasher- 1886

Josephine Cochrane invents the dishwa

The dishwasher was a very helpful invention. People no longer had to do their dishes by hand. People could simply put dishes in a dishwasher and the dishes would be clean.

Phonograph- 1877

Thomas Edison invents the phono

The phonograph was similar to the original telephone. It let u talk to people when you were not in the same room as them.

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