Any Place But Syria.

IHave you ever woken up to find your country at war? In your state, in your home. Syria begin a civil war. People were killed, Family, friends and strangers.The rebels against the government. Nobody wanted to have dictatorship, This is why the war started. Children no longer went to school because they were too scared. It didn't matter if they took any sides, They were still going to get killed. Over the war 160 thousand were killed, 2.5 million had fled, And 6.5 million had been displaced in Syria. This could all be result In an affective war with other countries, such as the US. People want to help but they don't want to be dragged into the war. Refuge camps had been set up but not enough of them. It doesn't matter if you believe in your country, problems would rise even if they were as small as a speck of sand.

Our opinion on the war is that we believe that its stupid. It sad to hear that children no longer go to school because the fear of getting killed. we also think that other countries should help and stop being scared.

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