Much Ado About Nothing


Insensitive. Young. Mischievous

Benedick's Motivations

In Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick is motivated by many things but mostly love. In the beginning of the movie he is motivated by Beatrice's feelings. They argue a lot and you can't tell if they hate each other or if they are madly in love. In the middle of the movie they begin to rebuild a friendship and there is less tension. Beatrice was hesitant at first but in the end she and Benedick express their love and live happily ever after. I believe his motivations changed because everyone else around him was falling in love, so it had an influence on his actions. When Benedick says, "I will live in thy heart, die in thy lap, and be buried in thy eyes; and moreover I will go with..." This shows his loyalty and that the whole time he was hiding his true love for Beatrice.


When you first meet Benedick, he doesn't seem very important, you only notice his wit. Later on you notice he is sort of bossy. Throughout the movie his attire represents he is a young lord. He has bright hair and a bright smile. Although he is always smiling, it might not be for the right reasons. He is very mischievous and quite a trickster. He doesn't take things very seriously and is an overall happy guy, you can tell in the picture that is displayed below. When he says, "They swore that you were almost sick for me." it tells you he is confident yet still humorous. Though sometimes Beatrice might disagree, when she says, "Scratching could not make it worse an ’twere such a face as yours were." she is expressing how if one were to scratch Benedick's face, it wouldn't make it worse. This is from a scene in the movie when the two are in a heated argument. Aside from Beatrice, nobody really talks about Benedick, and when Beatrice is talking about him she says it right to his face. I believe everyone in this movie sees that Benedick is truly a romantic guy, and it is not until the last scene that he discovers this trait.  In the beginning Benedick spends his time denying his feeling for Beatrice but in the end his true feelings come out and they are mutual so it seems to work for him and Beatrice.

Impact On Plot and Theme

Benedick impacts the plot because he is Beatrice's ex. In the beginning they hated each other but they eventually make up and Beatrice asks Benedick a favor. She asks him to kill Claudio. Benedick challenges Claudio and it is very suspenseful until the conflicts are resolved and everyone is made up.

The theme of this play is love and Benedick adds to not only the love concept, but the uplifting and problem solver. Though he is head over heels for

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