Absolute Brightness

Mrs. Berrisford

Phoebe's reaction to Leonard coming to live with them is understandable because she didn't even know he existed until her mom told her and her sister that he was moving in. He is a total stranger to her and she knows absolutely nothing about him except for the reason he is going to be living with them. Whether or not the reader can connect to Phoebe depends on who it is and whether or not they have been in a situation similar to this, I can't speak for everyone who reads this book. Personally I can't connect with her because I haven't been in a situation even close to this. What's interesting about this character is that she seems to be very contradicting. At first she doesn't want anything to do with Leonard, then she stops someone from stealing from him, and then when he tells everyone else what they should "fix" she becomes obsessed with wondering why he hasn't told he what she need to "fix". She also seems to be a very angry person with everything that has happened, all starting when her father left.

"I took hold of his delicate finger and gave them a quick shake, while internally rolling my eyes. He was way too different. Don't get me wrong. I like different. I am different. But when different goes to far, it stops being a statement and just becomes weird." (pg. 15) This statement shows that she's a very judge-mental person. She thinks that different is o.k. but flamboyancy isn't, she thinks that people shouldn't be like that just because it's "weird" for everyone else, when really he's just expressing who he is and not caring what anyone else thinks of him. That's how everyone should be in my opinion.

"I silently made a vow to myself never to speak to Leonard again, because as anyone could see, he was a loser." (pg. 21) This reveals that she thinks she's better than anyone else, she doesn't really take enough time to get to know someone before shunning them, her way of thinking is that unless she considers you an equal to her, your not good enough to be her friend.

I think Travis will cause a problem for Phoebe because he seems to be a pretty shady person in a bad place, and i think he will cause problems for both he and Leonard. I don't really like the sound of him because he's a thief and he seems to have a lot of control issue.

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