Jelly Roll Morton

By: Morgan Downs
Period 7

The man of music

Jelly Roll was born October 20th 1890, in Louisiana. As a young man he had various different jobs including being a gambler, pool shark, pimp, a vaudeville comedian, and most importantly a pianist. Jelly is most known for his roll in the 1920's jazz era. He became the first composer and piano player of jazz, making his way to the top by strutting his diamond studded smile to all who came near. Those who were a fan or personal friend could tell you his personality always shined through and made your day better. Jelly roll is, and always has been remembered by his risky fashion statements. He wore flashy colors and bizarre accessories while some men of the 20's wore black tux' and shinned shoes Jelly decided a nice pair of white pants, a vibrant shirt, and decorated diamond ties and socks. In the 20's Jelly received a job in Los Angles where he worked a few years. He also worked with the band the "Red Hot Peppers". This man is believed to be the man who invented jazz. Though his reign could not last forever as the years past he seemed to have been beat by Lance Armstrong, also another jazz performer whose music is still well known. Jelly roll Morton lived until July 10, 1941, living a total of 51 years and I must say he accomplished quite a bit.

Red Hot Peppers

Full of originality

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