College and Career
5 period, English 1
Deiontae Moore
University of Georgia, Business Management


      The university of Georgia was established in 1801 on 633 acres of land.The first building of this college was named Franklin, after Benjamin Franklin. The university had its first class graduate in 1804. This University has 18 schools and colleges, one of them including the Terry College of Business that offers the Department of Business.

      The Terry College of Business is the main reason I would like to attend this university. This is because it is one of the highest ranked colleges for Business Management.

The requirements for first year students is a college Preparatory curriculum with 17 academic units. 4 for English, 4 for math, 4 for science, 3 for social studies and 2 for foreign language. The SAT sores have to be 560 Reading, 580 math, 570 writing,      

Campus Life

The campus life at the University of Georgia consists of many events. Some of these include, International coffee hour, Film of the 50, Reading day aqua massage, and these are only a few of the many events. The housing has high speed internet, cable television, with some rooms having private or shared bathrooms. The areas around the dorms include, kitchens, laundry rooms, meeting places and lounges.

For the students they have many different programs that they can take part in. They have, Recreational sports, Student canters, Dean of students, Academic Partnership, and many other affairs that the students can take part in.

Career path

The career path that I would like to choose is a career in business ownership.The reason I would like to do this is because I would like to like to be able to run and manage my own business, and to be self employed. In my opinion being able to work for yourself is the best way to be successful.

My long term goals that I would like to accomplish with business management is to be able to have my own Christian book stores in many different areas. I would like to have full control of my business with only advisers that are apart of my family.


The salary of a person who owns a business depends on how well the business is doing. for example, if the business has many sales that month then the salary of the owner will be higher.


The duties of a business owner is to keep your employees on track, manage how your employees get paid, hire high quality store managers, change prices depending on consumer standard, advertise business.

Educational Requirements

There is no educational requirements to run a business, the best field of study would probably be business management.

Primary source

Interview with Rebekah Moore: Q: What are the duties of a business owner. A:The main thing that an owner must do is, make sure your workers give you costumers good service and manage store money wisely. Q: What field of study would you recommend for a business owner to have. A: I would recommend for them to go college to study business.


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Letter of intent

Deiontae Moore

El Paso, Texas




1444 Airway Blvd

El Paso, Texas, 79925

To whom it may concern

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompany resume as evidence of my interest in applying for the car dealer position. I feel my communication and persuasion abilities would prove to be an asset for your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience in my pursuit in business ownership. I would bring leadership and responsibility to the position. I am confident that these qualities make me an excellent candidate for this position.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials, and I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you for your consideration


Deiontae Moore


Deiontae Moore

Career Objectives

I am planing to become a business owner, and I am confident that this employment in sales would further aid me in that aspect.

Education History

Aug. 2014 - May 2018

Pebble Hills high school
El Paso, Texas

Volunteer Experience

Jan. 2015 - May 2015

Ampelon-Rebekah Moore
lightboard aid
El Paso, Texas

Awards & Certificates

» District Champion (Nov. 2014)

Extracurricular Activities


Hobbies & Interests

» Backpacking or Hiking
» Hunting
» Football

Skills & Abilities

» Problem-solver
» Self-motivated
» Team player