The Declaration of Independence Project

Harrison Gates

The unalienable rights that were introduced in the Declaration of Independence were Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness. The idea behind it is that these are rights that cannot be taken away by the government.

Government by consent is a government that has to be approved by the majority of people.

A just government needs the consent of the governed because without the consent of the governed it would just be a tyranny.

The government protects and guarantees our unalienable rights. They do their best to uphold our rights so that we do not rebel.

I feel that unalienable rights have stayed the same throughout the years. The consent of the governed is still happening today. These things are both still true today.

We vote and choose who we want to lead our country and represent us, if they win the election, they become our government/leader.

I feel that these principles matter to me, but right now they don't have an affect on my life. I think that unalienable rights affects me the most. I can't vote yet.