Ancient Eqypt

by: Jessamy DIaz

Stable Food Supply:

The ancient people of Egypt had a variety of foods too eat! They would mostly farm, they farmed beans, pears, lentils, onions, and garlic. You may wonder "What allowed the Egyptians to be such successful farms in the middle of the desert?" I can answer that for you; They had the Nile River! The river made the soil healthy and moist. In other news, it was a source of fresh drinking water, had fish that can be caught, had birds, that can be eaten, living around it.

Social Structure

^ This is a social pyramid of ancient Egypt ^


These people believed in the gods, not the Greek Mythology Gods, they were very different. Some gods were Ra, Anubis, Osiris, and Horus. Ra is the god of creation. Anubis is the god of funerals and death. Osiris is the god of the underworld. Horus is the god of the sky. Since they believed in gods they also believed in the after world. All these gods have died and made it to the after world so they thought when you passed away they world make a ceremony and mummify for you to make it to the after world. All these believes backed up their laws/government and way of living.
(gods mentioned and other below)

System of Government

They wouldn't have kings nor presidents, the ancient Egyptians had Pharaohs as their leader. A few of the most famous Pharaohs were Khufu, Senusret, Hatshepsut, Rameses the 2nd. Khufu was best know as the builder of famous pyramids and was the person who made Pharaohs a central authority. Senusret mostly was known for making a lot of religious architecture such as temple, shrines, and religious monument. My favorite, Hatshepsut, was the most famous because SHE raised herself to power and demanded equal respect between genders. She also filled the government with loyal advisers. Last, the most important, Rameses the 2nd. He made the world's first peace treaty and one of the greatest projects: temple complex.
(Hatshepsut below)

The Arts

The most famous art they are known for are their GIANT sculptures. Still didn't mean they were all huge, they also made tiny things. Another thing they were famous for was making these sculptures with PURE gold.

Advances in Technology

1.Writing to keep accurate record, maintain control of the empire.
2.Medicine to be spells to ward off evil spirits making the person them sick.
3.Shipbuilding to trade, get across or down the Nile River.
4.Mathematics to make pyramids and business transactions.
5.Make up to make a fashion statement and protect their skin from the sun's heat. My kind of people.
6.Toothbrush to help fix their teeth issues
(image of make up being worn below)

Written Language

The language is called Hieroglyphics and is written with pictures that represent objects, actions, sounds and/or ideas. Some pictures even represent whole words not just one letter, still there are over 700 hieroglyphs. You might be wondering "How and what do they write it with?" well i can answer that. They would write it with pen with ink on fine paper, kind of like today. The pens would be sharp with sharp reeds and dip it into the ink that would be made from crushed plants mixed into water.
(image of language written down below)

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