The European Perspective of the Crusades

Mr. Burruel  World History

"The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars launched by the Christian states of Europe against the Saracens."(Alchin,Linda). The Europeans had a different point of view than the Muslims, Jews, and the Byzantines about the Crusades. First of all the importance of Jerusalem to the Europeans is because Jesus, their savior, was born there and since their Christian they believe in Jesus, so they don't want people non-Christians to be there and control the city if they don't believe in Jesus. Also because the pope said that God wanted them to make Jerusalem Christian. "The effects of the Crusades on Europe of the Middle Ages were an important factor in the history of the progress of civilization. The effects of the Crusades influenced the wealth and power of the Catholic Church, Political matters, commerce, feudalism, intellectual development, social effects, material effects and the effects of the crusades also prompted the famous Voyages of discovery." (Alchin, Linda). The cause of the crusades was because the Seljuks took over Jerusalem and they were Muslim, so they did not believe in Christ. So when Alexius (the Byzantine emperor) asked the pope for help. The pope basically took advantage of the time and the Europeans fought the Muslims to try to get Jerusalem back. Since many people (Europeans) went on that journey that was considered the Crusade. Thats how it started. The Europeans thought of the other groups as different because the others did not believe in Christ, and they were fighting to take Jerusalem back. Those are some of the European's perspectives on/ about Crusades.

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