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Kaylee, Xavier, Sarah

This is the true story... of seven strangers... picked to live in a together and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...The Real World.

Here begins a new season of The Real World.

This season, like always, consists of a twist.

We interviewed multiple people and chose 7 stand-out individuals to spend a summer in the Real World House. Shelley Winters, age 23, is one of the house guests who stood out to us.

Shelley’s always kept his feelings to himself no matter the situation.

Since he was young, he has always stood out.

He felt the need to go public and show to world what he was about.

Shelley felt that his new creation was worthy of a vacation.

He had a slight Gossip Girl and Mean Girls addiction

During Shelley’s relationships, he found himself growing fond of multiple men.

A series of special men made appearances from Cary, Minnesota like Brad Greene and Jamal Brown. Shelley tried to mask his affection by taking long sporadic trips away from home without alerting his family. As suspicions grew, Shelley would pressure himself to indulge in women to mask his true feelings.

He’s always been confused about his lifestyle and gender

Quite frankly he’s tired of being a pretender.

He doesn’t want to keep putting on a show

So, when she got an offer from the Real World House, he decided to go.

He knows others may not be accepting but he’s ready to be himself and put on a show.

Before leaving for the summer, he had to get his weekly spray tan.

Feeling orange and ready to have a great time, he appeared as a true woman.

Being the perfectionist that he is, he packed all of his nail polish and mascara neatly in his suitcase and went to pick his liger up from the vet.

He clipped on the leash and took it on a quick walk before the sun set.

Shelley loves his liger and this is the hardest thing for him to leave behind.

Shelley panicked wondering if the other houseguests would accept him.

With his stand-out clothing choices and makeup preferences, the chances are slim.

Would his blue eyeshadow be too much? Or his pink shoes? He was skeptical to find out.

Previously, Shelley had appeared on American Idol but didn’t make it to Hollywood,

Because of this, his confidence was low and he was feeling misunderstood.

During the mid-season premiere of The Real World, Shelly came out of the closet

He told the world that he had isolation issues that led to his alone time at home.

He was ready to face these issues and what better way to do it than spending the summer with 6 strangers?

Knowing he had to break out of his shell and open up to the other houseguests,

Shelley was ready to take on the Real World House and show the world his true self.

Tune in this season to see how Shelley handles the Real World House and the 6 other houseguests.

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