Oneal personal values

Awhile back but still 🔥😜

I value my Family

I value my family because I love them in everyway possible, also my family helps me through tough time ,"they told me to keep my head high because that the only way to be  successful in life "

I value my Education

The reason why I value my  education is because I want to be successful in live and my education plays a big part in that also I want to make something of my time while it last .

I value my health

I value my  health because I want to live life to the full extent and to see thing I never seen and also live to see what the future hold for me .

I value my self , life and those around me

Just came back frm the park wit my cuzs

The reason why I value my self and the people around me is because the help me through tough times and keeps me focus on my goals  .

I value sports

I value sports because it gives me a piece of mind and help's me get away from the real world, the court is where I keep a positive attitude and free me from whatever .   

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