Unit 3 - Culture: Patterns & Processes


- The Government (20 msu's)

- Guerilla's (60 msu's)

- Army & Wealthy (200 msu's)

- Peasants (0 msu's)

- The USA (60 msu's)

The Army & Wealthy had the most power because they had the most MSU'S.

Power Shifting

The power shifted between the groups because the guerilla leader got silenced. Different groups starting gaining & losing msu's. Every month the power would change because of that.


All the groups fought over the msu's and who would get silenced. People would get mad when others left their group for another one. The Guerilla's and Army and Wealthy fought over the peasants votes. The Army & Wealthy also put bombs around the Guerilla's territory.

USA role

The USA's role in the simulation was to make sure everyone was being peaceful. They made sure it was a safe election.

Positive or Negative

When the power shifts to another country its usually because that other country gains msu's. That would be a very positive effect on that country, but a very negative effect on the country that lost those msu's

My Life

Examples of cooperation/conflict in my life would be yesterday when my little brother & I fought about stupid things like what cup I used to drink water in. An example of cooperation was when I asked my older sister to drive me to Tj Maxx to get a new shirt!

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